Posted by: Bekah | December 31, 2008

Cassie loves your hair too!

Dear Rob ,

I feel bad for you because of all the comments made about your new ‘do’, and having polls and stuff about your hair.

Quote: ‘Robs new hair, love it or hate it?’

rob-new-hair3I would just like to say that your hair before it got cut was absolutely gorgeous but that goes for your new hair as well. Either way you have your hair, it will always be stunning, and dont listen to all the bad and good comments and all the polls about everyone loving or hating it. Its your hair you can do what you want with it!

Any ways, id also love to say how talented you are, playing the piano, guitar, singing, acting! Its amazing!

You make a great Edward in the film Twilight, you played the part really well and you and Kristen work so well together!

All the best and luck for the future and up coming films,
Cassie   🙂
I love you!

Thanks Cassie! Rob loves you back (we think). Would YOU like to tell Rob how you feel? Send us a letter to



  1. Ummm…You ladies are hilarious, and I am definitely adding these two sites to my list of ones to visit EVERYDAY!! HA….I’m thinking of composing a letter too? Love IT!! oh yeah, and Love Rob’s hair, no matter what he does to it(even shaving it all off….ok, maybe not shaving it ALL of, we really don’t know what shape his head is under there, it could be weird, so not All of his hair…what was I talking about? hmm. oh yeah)HE’S STILL SHMEXY!! You’ve got to give him points for trying the hair fake-out…BUT WE CAN STILL TELL IT’S U ROB!!…and we’ll be stalking, I mean watching for you and all of your silly hair SHENANIGANS!

    • Mrs. P- bring on the letters!!! can’t wait to hear what you want to say to Rob!

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