Posted by: Bekah | December 30, 2008

We should’a hung out!

Dear Rob,

So you stopped in Philly for your Hot Topic tour back in November (they call it Philly- but you and I know it was King of Prussia). I knew that you were coming- I heard about it from a friends a few days prior. A girl that works for me even called out “sick” so that she could go see you. I had a lot going on that day, I didn’t want to drive all the way down the turnpike and I really wasn’t looking forward to kicking some 14 year old’s ass so I could get closer to you.

This could have been the moment we first met

This could have been the moment we first met


You were there, in KOP- so close to where I run into Mac every other month to buy Studio Fix NW20- right down the hall from the ghetto H&M where my husband always finds jeans. Did you stop into Urban and see my friend Liz? She’s a manager there…

Oh, MAN.. we could’ve hung out! I could’ve shown you my hood, let you meet the cats. You and the husbster could’ve laid down a track or two in our home studio. CRAP.

Next time?

Love, me (xo)

(photo cred to some dude name Scott- found at: Pattinson Online)

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  1. not only do we share a love of all things twilight, we wear the same shade in studio fix. kindred makeup spirits!

    ps he should have totally thrown down in the home studio. recorded a song for ME :D or perhaps the theme song for letters to rob??

  2. […] blogging done. I haven’t even told the girl who I let leave work early back in November when Rob showed up at the mall by me (and I stayed at work- WHAT WAS I THINKING!?), and I especially haven’t told our very own […]

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