Posted by: Bekah | December 30, 2008

We should’a hung out!

Dear Rob,

So you stopped in Philly for your Hot Topic tour back in November (they call it Philly- but you and I know it was King of Prussia). I knew that you were coming- I heard about it from a friends a few days prior. A girl that works for me even called out “sick” so that she could go see you. I had a lot going on that day, I didn’t want to drive all the way down the turnpike and I really wasn’t looking forward to kicking some 14 year old’s ass so I could get closer to you.

This could have been the moment we first met

This could have been the moment we first met


You were there, in KOP– so close to where I run into Mac every other month to buy Studio Fix NW20- right down the hall from the ghetto H&M where my husband always finds jeans. Did you stop into Urban and see my friend Liz? She’s a manager there…

Oh, MAN.. we could’ve hung out! I could’ve shown you my hood, let you meet the cats. You and the husbster could’ve laid down a track or two in our home studio. CRAP.

Next time?

Love, me (xo)

(photo cred to some dude name Scott- found at: Pattinson Online)



  1. not only do we share a love of all things twilight, we wear the same shade in studio fix. kindred makeup spirits!

    ps he should have totally thrown down in the home studio. recorded a song for ME 😀 or perhaps the theme song for letters to rob??

  2. […] blogging done. I haven’t even told the girl who I let leave work early back in November when Rob showed up at the mall by me (and I stayed at work- WHAT WAS I THINKING!?), and I especially haven’t told our very own […]

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