Posted by: Bekah | December 27, 2008

This is kinda creepy but mostly awesome!

Dear Rob,

picture-72I dressed you today. Wish I could do that everyday. I’m loving the sweatshirt look- and the green henley is quite dashing as well.


Where have you been? Are you hiding in a hole in London? It’s been so long since I’ve seen actual pictures of you from paparazzi-stalkers that I’m resorting to cartoon-ish characters of you to get my fix.

me (xo)

Dress your own Rob here. (Thanks to Twilighters Anonymous for the tip!)

Leave us a comment with a linky to YOUR handsomely dressed Rob!

myrobdollPS- *Edit* this is my (themoonisdown) rob doll! Mesh shirt and boxer briefs. SO? I’ve seen him hanging out in West Hollywood, it wouldnt surprise me to see him go-go-ing at the abbey in this get up 😀


  1. This is hilarious!

  2. I’m gonna have to go with mostly awesome because since Rob has been in London…I am bored! No good pics of his awesome new haircut or anything! 😦

    • i know! i’m having a daily snooze-fest over here when i check on my rob alerts. NO new news! zzzz

  3. I have to agree with you Vickyb, It is awesome…you know what’s awesomer( is that even a word?) I just made myself on that stupid site, and set up a log cabin with a low crackling fire and a comfy plush couch…and I’m gonna invite “Rob” over for well…you know….a “Chat”

  4. i just choked on my pizza.. Mrs. P that was an amazing comment!

  5. *(quickly administers Heimlich)*…I hope I’m not too late, Rob and I got kinda carried away… the fire dept had to come and put out the fire, and I just found out I don’t have enough Starpoints to replace my couch * I know, Bummer, Right!?* Anyway I just got a chance to read your comment, and I hope I’m in time to save U!!

  6. […] but don’t forget your sisters used to dress you up like a girl and stuff!  At least when I dress you on-line (and undress you in my mind) I make sure you are wearing something […]

    AHAHA, I love the one with the mesh shirt! xD
    Dude, did you know his stubble thing he has going on comes off? I thought his whole head came off, but I was wrong, and its just his stubble thing.(:
    He looks weird without the stubble though…

  8. ya know – I thought I was seriously sick-in-da-head, but, now I realize….It aint just me!!!!

  9. There’s one MUCH better (and sicker)… got the link from a friend. In case u haven’t seen it (which I very much doubt):
    :’D I LMAOed when I first saw this.

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