Posted by: themoonisdown | December 23, 2008

You, me, sometime around midnight

my fave pic of you!

my fave pic of you!

Dear Rob-

I’m totally in the throes of Midnight Sun right now and I’ve written my first letter about it over on our sister site, Letters to Twilight. I can’t help but hope/wish/pray that Stephenie Meyer decides to finish it and some smarty producer decides that it needs to be made into a movie with you starring in it. Forget that Bella/Twilight nonsense, give us Edward in Midnight Sun or give us death!

The end.

PS if you’re loving these Letters to Rob, why not share a letter yourself or comment (we LOVE commenters! you guys rule!) then head over to our other guilty little pleasure we like to call Letters to Twilight where we cover everything (and we mean EVERYTHING) in the twi-universe. We also make up all kinds of words using the ‘twi’ prefix, get used to it. twi-bye. ok, not really.


  1. In response to letter signed ME….I don’t think it would be the same without any one of the wonderful people in the movie Bella, Edward, Alice, Emmet ( HOT), Etc……. I love the books and the movie!!!


    • Carlana,
      we don’t think it would be the same either! Have you read Midnight Sun? Stephenie just convinces us even further than Edward is the most perfect man/vampire on planet earth!

  2. Is it wrong that Midnight Sun is my favorite of the Twilight series??

    • no!? it’s amazing. and WHOA.. you’re reading the ARCHIVES! hugs

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