Posted by: themoonisdown | December 22, 2008

Me too!

Dear Rob-

Lovin’ that aaaa… i mean new hair…

oh and those jeans ain’t bad either…


PS dont forget to pick up bubble wrap…  for after you move into my house

More pictures and conspiracies over at Hollywood Dame


  1. I am pretending that’s me in the picture and not Nikki. I’m also pretending my hand is on his delicious as- um, new hair cut..

  2. ironic her name is NIKKI…

    • good thing no one was reading these post back then… you know why.

  3. […] with girls like Katy Perry, Camilla Belle, and Nikki Reed. I know you don’t really like them, (helping Nikki move was such a nice thing to do…considering…) but I know how much you prefer my company, so I’ll […]

  4. Y’all this picture shows his only fault…he has that horrible disease no-ass-at-all. Oh bless him – maybe if he keeps eating those cheese burgers it will give him more junk in the trunk but you know I’d take him as is no problem.

  5. […] do not answer any texts from Nikki Reed asking you to help her with groceries or getting more packing boxes or whatever idea she comes up with. It’s a […]

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