Posted by: Bekah | December 20, 2008

She finally saw you

dear rob,

wow. i finally saw your performance as edward, the most beautiful vampire in the world. and wow. and even though i knew you were playing edward before i read the books and always pictured your beautiful face in my head…. well, wow. i know, i keep saying that…it’s just that you did not disappoint. at all. and i don’t know how much more perfect you could have been for that role. the way you first said “hello” to bella the first time, the way your eyes told the story – how you simply looked at bella and protected her, the way you wore those sunglasses (just like in real life!!) and put your arm around bella, how perfectly you played the piano, your HAIR… oh the hair…and, and…well i could go on.

seriously, i may be developing actual feelings for you.

your one and only (Charissa)

*note from unintendedchoice: if you’ve forgotten the amazingness (and you should be ashamed if you have) watch these:


  1. Welcome to the “i have actual feelings for rob pattinson” club! We’re so glad to have you! now back off, he’s mine, bitch

  2. […] edward’s one and only […]

  3. oh its ON.

  4. I love him so much!
    i cant keep feeling like this:(

    • write him a letter!!!!

  5. Oh hilare. You guys think you have a chance =] HE’S MINEEE. lol jk

  6. Robert Pattinson, you inspired me + my friend to start a drama culb! We went to see you in twilight and we were so blown away that we decided we totally wanted to be actresses! Your our hero! You also inspired me to read all of the twilight books as well as writing my own book, which is just started and it’s total rubbish so far! I have also started to take a real interest in music, I have started keyboard lessons at school. I have “piano fingers” and I am surprisingly wuite good…not trying to sound big-headed or anything! My friend is just besotted with you. My other friendhowever thought it was terrying in twilight haha but then again shes a bit wimpy! Anyway……….Not wanting to sound like a drivelling idiot but: WE LOVE YOU!

    • Whoa! Nothing like Rob inspiring someone to make some big changes in their life! Congrats on all the new things you’re starting! Good luck with the book- if you need someone to preview it- send it our way!
      Thanks for the note, Emily!

  7. Hi Unintendedchoice
    How are you?
    Just to say I’m am in a deep love with Edward cullen. Not RPattz, EDWARD CULLEN.
    And it’s killing me.
    How do i write him a letter?
    No I’m not some stupid storker! But on here how do i write him a message????
    P.S: I’ll look to….

  8. Ohhh my God! Who knew there were crazies here way back then?! And who knew everyone’s name ended with a ‘Cullen’? Bhahaha!

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