Posted by: Bekah | December 16, 2008

Congrats, smarty-pants!

Dear Rob,

I read something today that said you did well on your A-level exams (despite the fact that you missed 4 months of school and only had 2 weeks of catch-up time) You got one A and two B’s. Great job!

What are A-level exams? Are they like the PSSAs? I took those in grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 11 and I believe I kicked ass, just like you (especially in 3rd grade- I’m great at multiplication). Oh- I know.. you’re from Britain, so they’re probably like the O.W.L.’s, right?

See, I KNEW you were different. The media is trying to compare you (or at least contrast you) with people like Zac Efron or the Jonas Brothers.  I read these things and I think, “Really? You’re putting the Jonas Brothers and Zac Efron in the same sentence as Rob? MY ROB?”

I apologize for this HUGE mistake. I don’t know if Zachy or the Joney Bros did well on their PSSAs (or the Cali & homeschool equivalants), but you should NEVER even be put NEAR the same category they are in, let alone IN it! Ugh, the horror..

You’re older than all those boys by at least a year and 1/2.  You do great movies unlike Efron’s lame-o musicals (and I love musicals). Your musical taste kicks ass while THIS is Efron’s (and the Jonas Brothers admit they like John Mayer- yeah, ‘you’re body is a wonderland’ brings back good mems of making out with the boyf in college, but no one actually ADMITS to liking him!)

Seriously, these people need to STOP with the rediculous comparisons. NO ONE compares to you! xo

Robbie Greater Than Joney and Efron

(are the Joney Bros even with Zac in that picture? Or is that just some guy who looks exactly like him?)

PS: Also- the Jonas brothers wear purity rings.  Now I’m not suggesting that you’re not pure… actually, on second thought, that would totally ruin my image of you, so yes, I AM suggesting you’re not “pure.” And if you are… I know someone who can help you out with that, er… problem.



  1. yea her name is nikki. thanks!

    but anyway apparently the a-levels are like the UK hybrid of the sat’s and like early college level courses…

    our robs is such a smarty pants. i LIKE it. nothing better than a smart man with an english accent and hair to die for.

    ps that joe bros/zac-y pics is awesome! (-ly, terrible)

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  3. […] it’s pretty safe to assume you don’t still have your v-card. (Also, refer to the end of this post to find out how I feel about your purity), but I like to think that maybe you want me to give ME […]

  4. Ha, so he had the same A’s results as I did! We’re definitely soulmates. 😉

  5. Ugh!!!!! Same sentence as Jonas Brothers or Zac Efron. Those people are GAY!!! I luke gay people but not those gays! That should not even be in the same sentance, paragraph, article, magazine, or even book as Rob. In hotness compare to Rob they are as hot as dog poop!

  6. how did you find the “cast of Twilight’s playlists” on ITunes?
    I’m short of my “A-levels” too, except that I’m from Germany and an “Abitur” is still quite a bit different. But I already know that English is gonna be my best subject *cough*

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