Posted by: Bekah | December 9, 2008

Pardon, Robert, parlez-vous Français?

Dear Rob,

I watched this whole 11:25 video today, despite not understanding a word or being able to hear you speak because of the French translator.  I noticed you seemed to understand the announcer, while Kristen (aka French Sourpuss) looked at you for guidance.  Do you speak French!? 

Sigh, just when I thought you couldn’t get more parfait (props to Google Translator for helping me learn how to say perfect in French)

(view a better quality vid here

Also, I see the way you’re looking at that French hotty Elise Chassaing. You said that yummy look was reserved just for me.  I know she’s gorgeous and all-French and stuff, but try to control the urge to stare.  I don’t like getting jealous.




  1. Hey UC and Moon, ❤ ❤ ❤ your site! I just figured he had an earpiece on. But I don’t know how they managed to concentrate during the interview – I had a hard time keeping up myself! 😛

    • @Linda I’m not sure about Rob, but if I were in Kristen’s shoes- or any other girl’s shoes who has ever been in Rob’s presence, I’m not sure i could concentrate on ANYTHING… i’d be too busy swooning at his beautifulness! Welcome, btw :):)

  2. God… tell me about it. I am sooo in love with his voice, BTW… even more so than his looks. Can you imagine?! Sigh.

  3. ok, so I was reading the Taylor appreciation day entry from Sunday which led me to the Sour Puss (major thumbs up btw!) entry which then led me this entry and all I could think was LOL. I took 3 years of French in High School so I was able to grasp a wee bit of info, but the look of total confusion KStew was wearing made me giggle but feel bad for her at the same time (that’s normal, right?). And I completely agree with UC, I too would have a difficult time paying attention to anything other than Rob.

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